Millionaire Wall Need help choosing? We can help

Millionaire® Wall, a new and trendy concept for wall decor. The six side quality wooden finish and astonishing decorative effect enhance luxury in any commercial or residential environment. In addition, suitability for any surface means that the Millionaire® Wall panels can enhance or replace old-fashioned wallpaper and paints.
The Millionaire® Wall panels are the most cost-effective luxury wall decoration that provides:-
• Water resistance
• Humidity resistance  
• Scratch resistance
• UV resistance
• Flame resistance
• Fast and easy mounting
• Easy cleaning
You can unleash your imagination and give a truly custom look for your surroundings. 
The distinctive Millionaire Wall panels will turn any ordinary space into a trendy and spectacular environment. The panels have been engineered and designed to provide not only the pure style but also outstanding quality at an impressive price.